« We believe that the quality, the service and the values are full imperatives and should not be compromised ! »



La Boucherie Verte will bring its knowledge to the customers in search of novelties. Allow yourself to be surprised by pieces which you do not know about!

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Langues parlées: Français, English, Arabiya.


To be additionally discovered;
Our flavoured roasts ready to take (to order);
Caterers dishes prepared by our Chef;

The high quality products of the grocer’s shop of the world… and more still!


Symbolism and Mission of La Boucherie Verte

A devoted sincerity, an absolute rigor in the quality, the freshness and the components of the preparations of the meat, its caterers dishes as well as the products of the grocer’s shop of the world delicatessen;

A human contact such as met in the “countryside”;

Paradise is presented full of greenness;

Green is also associated with the regeneration, the fertility and the revival; and to finish

Green is in the antique global symbolism the colour of the planet Venus.




Mr. Sefta (manager) recognized Artisan by the Chamber of Trade – Haute-Savoie.


« vous trouverez toujours une raison pour venir à La Boucherie Verte! »


logo-La-Boucherie-Verte118 Rue de Genève
74240 Gaillard
à 100m. de la douane de moillesullaz
Ouvert 7j/7j de 9h à 20h

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